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Embodied Emotional Support

How can Embodied Emotional Support serve you?

As an adjunct to traditional therapy.

Do your 50 minute therapy sessions fly by? Does it ever feel like it takes most of your session to really get down to the deeper, more meaningful inner material? Sessions with me can help move you through the surface layers so you can bring focused issues to your therapist.

As an alternative to traditional therapy.

Interested in something different? Sessions with me are non-hierarchical, non-pathologizing, body centered, expressive and explorative in nature. While always maintaining high ethical and professional standards, as an independent holistic practitioner I can create unique sessions that serve you where you are now.

As one on one peer support.

Sometimes you just need someone who has had a similar life experience to really feel heard and understood. I can offer peer support for working as a healthcare provider in acute care settings, being larger bodied, single parenting, alternative schooling, cancer diagnosis and treatments, active imaginal experiences, and queerness.

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Heather Celeste Walker PhD, RN

Greetings and thank you for your interest.  My name is Heather, I am a Registered Nurse having worked over 25 years at the bedside in critical and acute care settings.  Being with people during their most vulnerable, scared (sacred), and injured states led to truly powerful, and at times harrowing, experiences.  As a nurse I did my best to hold a caring space for my patients and their families, and allow for tending to more than just their physical needs.  As it is for all hospital nurses, there never was enough time to do so in a truly focused, satisfying way, always aware of being pulled in innumerable urgent directions all at once. 

Working under the principles of Holistic Nursing, utilizing the concepts of Somatic Depth Psychology and Relational Somatic Psychology, I now provide one on one focused attention to the heart and soul of the person in front of me in a conscientious, fully present, loving manner.  Having embarked on my own healing journey, which took me deep into the realms of the body as an expression of the psyche through its movements and symptoms, I now hold safe, sacred, space that allows for the expression and processing of emotions through the body.  I especially find satisfaction in supporting nurses and healthcare providers who so often put the care of their bodies and souls on the back burner for others. 

Heather Celeste Walker (She/Her) is a Baccalaureate, Holistic, Registered Nurse who holds a PhD in Somatic Depth Psychology. Her doctoral research looked at the ways natural movement is restricted in modern Western societies, and how some people have found relief from those restrictions through ecstatic dance practices.  She grew up on the Central Coast of California, has a wonderful son she raised as a single parent, and now lives with the love of her life in Hawaii with their Great Pyrenees, Ghost.  

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