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Working in Partnership

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Your privacy is of utmost importance to me, all interactions are strictly confidential.  Any written information, physical or digital, will be kept securely and destroyed one year after ending services.

As a Registered Nurse I am a mandated reporter, actual or intended harm to self or others disclosed during sessions must legally be reported. My services are not intended to be crisis intervention in nature.  Suicidal ideation, that is having thoughts, ideas, and/or images about suicide are not reportable, are welcomed and encouraged to be discussed.

Payments are due upon services rendered. Please consider making payments prior to the start of your session. The exchange of money/energy/time can bring up strong feelings for both parties, it feels best to have it settled and not have to deal with it at the end of a session when emotional material has already been stirred up and needs tending.

Unless previously, mutually arranged, any outstanding payments will delay the scheduling of another session until payment is received.

I keep a set percentage of sliding scale slots open for those that are interested in my services but cannot afford the rates.  If you are interested in working with me but are experiencing financial insecurity, please ask me about the current availability of sliding scale sessions.

Cancellations are required to be made 12 hours prior to your scheduled session time please.  Full refunds and/or no charges will be incurred if you cancel within 12 hours of your scheduled time.  Late cancels and/or no shows will be charged for the hour you committed to.  Emergencies of course will be considered. Cancellations can be made by email or text any time of day or night, clients will be provided my phone number upon signing their consent form. 

Fees are subject to increase yearly effective January 1st based on supply (my time) and demand (number of clients).  I will notify existing clients of fee increases, if any, by Dec 1st yearly. 

My  consent form must be reviewed, agreed upon, and signed prior to the first session.

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