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Expertise. Intuition. Presence.

Be Heard.  Be Seen.

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As a Holistic Nurse with a Doctoral degree in Somatic Depth Psychology I provide one on one Embodied Emotional Support in 60 minute online or in person sessions.

Sessions are $90

Embodied Emotional Support

Embodied Emotional Support is my own descriptive term for the work I do as a Holistic Nurse, helping people become more aware of the intrinsic connection between their emotions and the sensations of their bodies.  I use several main approaches as described below, and various tools such as body awareness, self-soothing, safe touch and holding, guided movement, grounding, breathing techniques, and active imagination; but most of all centered, focused, compassionate listening.


Holistic Nursing: The American Holistic Nurses Association defines Holistic Nursing as "All nursing practice that has healing the whole person as its goal." In addition, "Holistic nursing care is healing oriented and centered on the relationship with the person in contrast to an orientation toward diseases and their cures. Holistic nursing emphasizes practices of self-care, intentionality, presence, mindfulness, and therapeutic use of self as pivotal for facilitation of healing and patterning of wellness in others. Through unconditional presence and intention, holistic nurses create environments conducive to healing, using techniques that promote empowerment, peace, comfort, and a subjective sense of harmony and well-being for the person" (Dossey & Keegan, 2009, p. 64).

Somatic Depth Psychology: Depth Psychology asserts that our psyche (the unconscious parts of ourselves) keeps/stores/holds our unprocessed emotional wounds.  These wounds, if  left unattended, over time show up in our lives as symptoms. The work of Depth Psychology is to bring unconscious material into consciousness. Somatic Depth Psychology focuses on how these symptoms show up in and are expressed by the body (Coppin and Nelson, 2005).

Relational Somatic Psychology/Three Fold Way: The relational somatic practice of Three Fold Way "is an approach to human growth and healing based on a radical, compassionate acceptance of whatever arises in the present moment. It is a practice of deepening the awareness between how our body and our idea of our 'self' is always affected and even co-created by our relationships with others" (Gary Glickman, Phd).

Dossey, B., & Keegan, L. (2009). Holistic nursing: A handbook for practice. Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Coppin, J. & Nelson, E. (2005). The art of inquiry: A depth psychological perspective (second edition). New York, NY: Spring Publication Inc.

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