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When was the last time you felt heard?

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Specialized Peer Support For Nurses and Healthcare Providers

Do your family and friends not understand why you are so worn out after working?

Do you stuff all your big feelings away before you get home?

How many times during a shift do you have to suppress your real feelings?

How many times do you smile when you don't want to?

Ever feel like a patient's outcome was your fault?

Who do you, can you, vent to?

Where do you think all those bottled up feelings go?

Be seen...


Be heard...

Let yourself heal...

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Embodied Emotional Support 

When I dove into my own personal trauma work I was shocked at how deeply and painfully my nursing experiences were embedded in my psyche.  Thoughts such as "It was just work," "It didn't happen to me," and "That was so long ago" came to the surface as I was bombarded with painful memory after memory of bedside nursing.  Before doing my work these painful memories would flash into my mind unexpectedly and my body would still react even many years later. Now they rarely come unbidden, and when they do I can remember them with sadness, but not be brought to my knees. 

I used to get irritated whenever a group of nurses got together and the conversation inevitably turned to nursing horror stories, often feeling almost like a competition of who could tell the most horrific stories.  I now strongly feel that nurses are chronically traumatized and vastly under-treated. Put simply, nurses and other healthcare workers are bursting at the seams with the stories of their experiences and starved to be heard.

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