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Emotional healing IS possible.

Be seen...


Be heard...

Begin to heal...


Embodied Emotional Support 

Emotions are felt physically in the body, so it is through the body that they must be processed and released in order to be healed. This can just be speaking something out loud.  It can be getting angry and hitting things or pushing against something.  It can be reenacting a past event, this time with support and a new outcome (saying what we could not say in the moment). 

Healing emotional wounds is possible. I didn’t think this was true for so long! I thought the best one could do was be able to tolerate them, live with them, not let them negatively impact our lives as much as possible.  But I have experienced that deep emotional wounds can actually heal when they are allowed to be moved in safe and loving ways, through the body, while in caring, loving connection with another or others. 

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